Saturday, April 2, 2011

air asia : buy 1 free 1 !

Okay let's start the quick 'Tutorial" to make sure you get it right when you book. We've come out with 3 scenarios to help you understand how this promo works!

NOTE: This Promo will execute on a "Special Link" platform, make sure you click on to the banner ABOVE in to enter the below page, and click on "Buy 1 Free 1, It's great to travel in pairs ", as per the below screen capture:

Then, you will enter the special booking page where you can start searching for the flight!

Scenario 1: "I am traveling with my partner, how do I Buy 1 Free 1?"

Traveling in pair is lovely and grabbing this promo is easy! Firstly, you need to select 2 (TWO) passenger who are traveling, together with the same departure / arrival destination & date.

Noticed the Promo fare are quoted with "Buy 1 free 1" alert? If you select this fare, you get a special fare that is meant for two! Simply double check the right column where 1 of the Guest is charged at "0.00", which means it's FREE for the 2nd guest!

The remaining booking steps is the same standard booking steps in

Scenario 2: "We are the Three Musketeer and we are traveling together!"

This is a tricky one! If you are booking only for three person, you are required to pay the promo fare for 2 Guests and the 3rd Guest will get to fly FREE! Due to our system limitation, it is IMPOSSIBLE to calculate the fare based on 1.5x for 3 passengers. This also applies to 5, 7 and 9 passengers. Sorry ya!

So, if you are looking to BUY 3 FREE 3, simply start your search with 6 passengers!

Scenario 3: "We want a family trip for 4 of us"

Are you guessing what about for 4 Guests???

YES! You are right! It works the same for all EVEN number, 2..4..6..8!

We hope you understand how to grab the promo now! :-) Please take note on the common disclaimers so you are more informed:

1) Promo fares are subject to Seat's availability. The chances to find the promo fares on Public Holidays or Weekends are lower. Try out weekdays to grab the promo!

2) This 'Buy 1 Free 1' promotion is only on the BASE FARE, every Guest(s) is subjected to Airport Tax and other self-service request (SSRs) like Baggage, Meals, Insurance & etc...

3) This promotion only applicable to Adults and Children. Infant is non-eligible for Buy 1 Free 1.

4) This promotion only available on "Promo" fare which is tagged with *(Buy 1 Free 1). Regular fare remain as normal.

5) The booking (special link) only last for 24hours starting from 0000hrs to 2359hrs on 1 April 2011.

6) Travel period of this promotion is from 11 November 2011 to 29 February 2012.

That's all :-) If you think AirAsia Fabulous FlyDay is a cool thing to look forward on every Friday, please support us by clicking "Like" or "Share" so we know!

Happy Hunting!


AirAsia Social Media Team

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