Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sipadan water village resort

saje la konon2 setat sebey2 bulan depan nk g oliday kat sana nun, pehtu saje email kt sipadan water village ni..tanya bape regenye....huwa.....cer nengok sendiri bape rege utk 2 days 1 night RM660 seorang!klw dua orang kali lah sendiri hehe...

tu rege paling murah la tu..hahai..kalau gini stay je lah kt dragon in semporna...

gini la rupe tempat yg mahai itu..dah mcm kat sepang gold coast dah aku nengok nye..xpela xmerasa nak duk sini dah dok sepang goldcoast..walaupon air kt sepang mcm air teh tarik..xpe sebab ia free hahaha

p/s : kot sape2 penah g pulau mabul..bole tak share link oliday korang kt sini?nak kena setat sebey dari skang dah ni..bulan depan je nak g dah ni
haih..tetiba mood xsaba dah ni...hrp2 xde la aral yg melintang xpelah klw xleh pegi xralat sgt sebab tiket xsampai 50 hengget pon 3 branak

saje aku nak share kat sini..kot ada yg carik pakej ke mabul island ni, nah aku tepek kan email dari sipadan water village resort ni utk rujukan korang..

Dear Nana,

Warmest Greeting From Sipadan Water Village Resort.

Thank you for your email and interest to our resort. Please advise when is the dates you intended to staying with us. So that I can check our rooms availability for you.

Kindly find out our Non Diving and Diving packages herewith attached for your easy reference.

The package starts from Tawau inclusives of the following services :
  • Airport meeting services in Tawau (0600 hrs-1800 hrs)
  • Return land transfer from Tawau to Semporna
  • Return speedboat transfer from Semporna to Tawau
  • Twin share water cottage accomodation with private sundeck
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner ( Except on arrival and departure day )
Remarks : Surcharge of Rm250.00 per van (max of 8 pax) applies for every land transfer after 1800 hrs.

Diving Package :
Includes 3 boat dives daily ( Except on arrival and No Dives on departure day ) with one dive per day to Mabul Island, Kapalai and Sipadan Island, Unlimited Mabul House Reef shore diving from 06:00am to 06:00pm, weight,weight belt and tanks. Unused portion of dives is not refundable and nottransferable.

Full set of scuba diving equipment is NOT included in the package. Full set rental is charges Rm80.00 per day, inclusive of BCD, Regulator, mask, snorkel,fins and booties.

Please to be advice that our scuba tank is Kalve 12L aluminium tanks.NITROX is available at RM35.00 per tank at our Dive Center.

Sipadan Permit and Entrance Fee

Entering Sipadan Island requires apermit and may not be approved on certain days if the quota is exceeded. Approval is issued by Sabah Park early on the day before entering.  Therefore, we will not be able to tell in advance if the permit is issued for a guest for a specific day. Guests diving in Sipadan will be charged RM 40.00, per person, per day that can be paid at the resort. Sipadan at this time, only allows 120 persons per day. SWV is not responsible for not being able to obtain a dive permit in Sipadan due to conservation done by our Government. We can only try our very best to arrange for a permt for every day that a  guest wants to dive at Sipadan.  Thank You for your understanding, SWV.

Night Dive
Dive Center also offer guided night dive in SWV house reef ( Paradise 1 or 2 ). Night dive is charged Rm50.00 and will be collect in the resort. To participate in the night dive required 50 logged dive with at least one dive dive experinces for Open Water Diver or Advance Open Water Diver with certified night dive.

For those do not fullfill the above requirement can sign up for Discover Night Dive for Rm100.00 depend on availablibility of the dive instructor.

Non Diving Package/Snorkelling
Please take note snorkelling equipment will be provided for guests who wish to snorkellingin SWV house reef, Paradise 1 and 2 between 0800 am to 1800pm. Package is ONLY inclusive 1 boat snorkelling to nearby Island. For extra trip, Rm50.00 per person per trip applies.

Boat snorkelling trip ( Kapalai or Sipadan or other part of Mabul Ilsand) is chargable at Rm50.00 per person per trip. This including snorkelling equipment, a snorkelling guide and the boat trip.

Molokini Transparent Kayak
We have 5 units transparent kayak for rental at Dive Center.
1 Hour is chargeable at Rm30.00

Package NOT INCLUDE carbonated and alcholic drinks and any other services outside of SWV package.

Standard Time Boat In and out From the Resort.
We recommend the guest to take flight that coincide with our schedule as below:

Arrival from Semporna Jetty to SWV Resort
Departure from SWV Resort to Semporna Jetty
Remarks : Surcharges for both land and sea transfer will be applies shall the schedule is not based on our standard arrival or departure.

Please take note that it not be possible for us to do the transfer to the resort on the same day if the arrival is late. It would be dark fo rthe boat transfer and is not advisable for safety reason. Night transfer charged of Rm250.00 per van will applies after 1800pm for the transfer Airport to any respective hotel ( either Tawau or Semporna Hotel). Catching the earliest flight from the resort also not possible as it would be still dark.

** SWV will not obligate or compensate for waiting too long in the airport or flight delay but we will try to assist you to transfer to any Hotel either in Tawau or Semporna **

From 1st Jan effective, all the tourist will be using the tourist jetty operate by the government. Our own jetty already been demolished yesterday afternoon. All the resort operators has to follow. For Malaysian is RM2 and foreigner is RM10. For now on, please inform all your agent, we will put in the Proforma Invoice. If there is any feedback from your customer regards this new jetty issue, please do info us. So, we can forward it to the government.

Payment can be made either by banking in to our account. We process Master,Visa and JCB only.For payment by credit card. We require a photocopy of your passport/IC and Credit card holder for the payment verification. 

Our bank details as follows:
                               HSBC bank Malaysia Berhad
                               Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
ACCOUNT NO    : 396-147688-002

In the event of cancellation, the following charges shall apply :

Confirmation date to 30 days before arrival            10% of the trip's full price forfieted
29 to 15 days before arrival                                   20% of the trip's full price forfieted
14 to 07 days before arrival                                   30% of the trip's full price forfieted
07 to 01 days before arrival                                   50% of the trip's full price forfieted
No show of customer                                           100% of the trip's full price forfieted

**SWV resort is not obliged to rebate or refund if the customer miss their fligths or flight cancelled**

Guest's Details
We require full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality,contact number, dietary requirement and flight details to facilating necessary arragement. Please advise if travel from other prt of sabah by land to Tawau/Semporna and extimated arrival time. No reservation is made until we get the confirmation from your side. Please advise all the details as soon as possible so that we can make further arrangement for you.

Hope the above information had clarified your enquiries. Please do feel free to ask if need further information.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Sipadan Water Village Resort Sdn Bhd
TB231 , Lot 8, 1st Floor,
Wisma MAA, Town Ext II,
P.O.Box 62156, 91031 Tawau,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel No      : 60-89-752996/60-89-751777
Fax No     : 60-89-752997
Email       :
WebSite   :
Others links:

Bussiness hours:
Monday to Friday:    0800 - 1700 (Lunch break 1200-1400)
Saturday:                0800 - 1200
Sunday and Public Holidays: We are closed (sorry for the incovinience caused)

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23 ribu orang memberikan idea bernas:

amiey lee said... [Reply to comment]

huhu nangeesss tgk...beb tak sabanya..lagi sebulan aja kejap aja akn..pejam celik pejam celik..

eh ko tak amik check in bag kan???

amiey lee said... [Reply to comment]

beb cuba ko tanya org ni heee

dia g pulau mabul dah..ko leh survey2 kat dia

Ely Hasrul said... [Reply to comment]

mmber duduk kt dragon inn tuh pon bleh tahan.. kitorg insyaAllah nk g bln May kang tp teket sume xbli lagik pon sbb nk pg dari KK.. nnti jgn lupe update!

amiey lee said... [Reply to comment]

heee tetiba aku rajin cari bloggers yang dh kesana

ko baca ajala ek.. huhuhu

PUANSTOBERI said... [Reply to comment]

Wah..bes..bes.. Nana gi dulu, nati balik citer eh.. akak takde dlm plan dah ke sini utk tahun ni, sbb thn ni da penuh plan smpai Disember. Teeheee.... (T___T)

amiey lee said... [Reply to comment]

kata tgh gila menyevey kan...hahahhaa

mama tisya said... [Reply to comment]

better stay kt dragon inn :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

ape ke gile amiey lee ni haaaaaaaa...byk pulak die bg syok aku layan..hahahahhaah

Ann@zanyra said... [Reply to comment]

huwahuwa..ade gak usha tempat ni tp tue la tgk baru harga resort belum tiket bagai...
eh..nk g bln depan eh???jgn lupe review baik pny:)

cikpuanhady said... [Reply to comment]

memang cantik kan..bilalah dapat jejak ni..

Cik Sibuk said... [Reply to comment]

mahalnye! hmm..nasib la mmg tak pernah teringin nak gi pulau sipadan..hehe

Chekgu Azrine said... [Reply to comment]

Sure besy..biru je laut..blm pnh sampai lg ler..huhu

Lily@MamaZaraZareef said... [Reply to comment]

beshnyerrrrr..nak pi holiday mabul plak yer..kite pulau2 kat semananjung ni pon tk pernah jejak lagi (langkawi n pangkor tak kirelah)..huhu..tunggu ank2 besar sketlah harus try pi pulau at least utk snorkling jugak..=p

apepon, mmg nmpak cantik bebenar sipadan water village ni..kot2 nk feeling2 hanimun besh, lehlah kot try semalam kan..agagagagagga

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@amiey lee
tu la pasal
sbulan lagi je ni hehee
aku mmg tak amek beg
ktorg g bawa beg galas masing2
gitu la style aku klw oliday
eh tq tau kasi link2 tu seme

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Ely Hasrul
tu la harga dia muraj jek dragon inn tu
insyallah klw kita pegi kita review k heheee

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

wah tu dia..
jadual penuh hehe
insyallah klw jadi g
saya cite la kt blog
klw xjadi dok diam2 ahhaaa

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@mama tisya
tu la murah sket hahaaa

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

haha xmo g sini ke animun

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

haha tersedak klw time mnm air nengok dia nye rege eggegee
ahh bln depan insyallah klw jadi lah

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

sangat cantik..
xsaba je rasa

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Cik Sibuk
tu la nye
bese water chalet gini
mgm mahai la regenye

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Chekgu Azrine
tu la..
xtahan nengok air laut dia biru sungguh

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

insyallah kalau xde aral..
tau2 je la amrul tu
skali xdapat cuti ke naya ahahaa
alahai nk animun rasa mcm tak gamak nk kuar duit sendiri banyak itu hahah
klw dot durian runtuh ok la kot

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