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Are Chatime Drinks Halal?

merujuk kepada entry CHATIME
ada yg bertanya:

entry di copy dari sini:

 Due to the increasing popularity of pearl milk bubble tea here in Malaysia, its kinda hard for people to miss anyone not having a cup of this drink it their hands. With the increasing number of outlets actually serving these drinks, its kinda hard for one to differentiate which is the better brand than the rest.

However, one actually does stand out than the rest, not only just via its popularity among the people but also in quality in taste would be the Chatime outlets that are rapidly increasing its number of stalls across Malaysia. Originating from Taiwan, these drinks does have a significantly more milkier taste than the rest. Personally I was never a fan of pearl milk tea to begin with but due to the availability (as well as some staff mates of mine at work) I have to admit that I am now a huge fan of the product.
[The drink that everyone is crazy about!]
However, the one question that has been bugging my mind as well as many around me is this:
Are the products in Chatime halal to begin with?
Out of sheer logic, one would argue that almost all of the products made in this shop are vegetarian based however there have been issues when it comes to gelatin based products made out of lard (pork fat) on some products. Furthermore, each of its outlets have not shown any halal logos on their signs as well.
So I decided to find out from the main source itself as well as the governing body that handles the "halal" recognition for the product! After contacting Mr. Bryan Loo, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of Chatime Malaysia himself and he can confirm one thing.
Chatime Drinks in Malaysia are Halal!

He mentioned in a short interview with myself that Chatime has always had an international halal recognition certificate approved even before coming to Malaysia to begin with. The only reason that they can't get the logo up on their shops is because that in order for a shop to have the logo shown on their shops, it is a requirement by law to have 2 Muslim local workers registered as workers at each outlets at all times. 
I contacted Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and sure enough, they agreed to what has been said by Mr. Bryan however it does not mean that the international halal certification are not recognized at all.
Perhaps one of the reasons why Muslim customers are less inclined in purchasing the product of this shop is because that there are no visible signs of any halal certification and also it is an unfortunate norm that we Muslims are less inclined to go for restaurants with Chinese writing on it. With this, perhaps the misconception can be changed as it is quite a nice drink to try out every now and then, especially during a hot day! 
Coming from a Muslim who is completely hooked on the pearl milk tea they have in Chatime, I would honestly implore you lot to try out their drinks there, especially my fellow Muslim readers out there. Who knows, you might as much be hooked into it as I would! :D

tepuk dada tanya selera..kalau rasa was2 tak payah pegi :)

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30 ribu orang memberikan idea bernas:

PUANSTOBERI said... [Reply to comment]

betul.. kalo was2 kita carik outlet lain. tp jenis2 camni mmg mostly takde halal jakim tu.

Falsya said... [Reply to comment]

terus rase nak sambung minum chatime ari2..muahhahahhaa..

MRS. K said... [Reply to comment]

betul betul.. kalau was² tak payah la... kalau pon dia dapat sijil halal dari luar negara, nak tau jugak sijil halal luar tu JAKIM iktiraf tak???

Sidratul Muntaha said... [Reply to comment]

cha tu kan tea
chatime tu mksudnya tea time.
rasanya tak masalha la klu pearl tu
tpi aku confident tak mkn yg pearl tu
aku akan minum air jer..

Mama Zharfan said... [Reply to comment]

tepuk dada tanya iman :)

Cute Mum said... [Reply to comment]

dulu uyun pon pkir pasal halal ke tak?
tapi kalo pikirkan semula, gerai yang jual sweet corn, waffle,air bubble tea yang jual kat shopping compleks pon sama gak camnie..
apa yang penting, kita tak was-was..
kalo tak, jangan minum..

pinky said... [Reply to comment]

hahhaha...tertiba muka bunga i yg tpampan...heheheh tq for sharing....
p/s: jgn slh paham ya sy tanya jer ari tu...huhuhu...

fazilzura said... [Reply to comment]

kalau HALAL , wajib dia tepek logo kt kedai2 dia.. baru le umat2 ISlam x was ye idok ???

leh jgk aku yg mak yong dedek ni pi terjah sekali

selasih said... [Reply to comment]


org yg arif kata kalu dah kedai tu dr dpn sampai ke tukang masaknya ca ya nun alif mcmmn tak ragu nak bc bismillah pun idak, sanggup ke mkn, jgn la dok pikir sweet corn, waffle,air bubble tea ke n apa ntah tu kalu dok terjah minum 2 mkn gak takut dah jd darah daging camne...sesekali kena ada perasaan was2 tu

mama_umar_maryam said... [Reply to comment]

xpnh try lagi,tp mmg org q pjg cha time nih,aku lyn teh tarik mamak kurang manis satuu,hahahah

Hafizah Haruno said... [Reply to comment]

alaaa...CoolBlog jer. Dah terang2 halal.

Teh Tarik Drinker said... [Reply to comment]

interesting comments here

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Tu la pasal
Rasa coolblog pon xde tanda halal kan?

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Brngkok klw ari ari mnm hahaha

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Tula klw rasa bermain dalam fikiran halal ke tak baik xyah g, tp dia kata situ atleast kena ada 2 pekerja melayu kat setiap branch kan, antara syarat nk dpt sijil halal...kt wangsa walk tu ada 3 org staff melayu

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Sidratul Muntaha
Heheheh kan?

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Mama Zharfan
Jawapan plg selamat :-)

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Cute Mum
Tu la klw dah tdetik ragu ragu baik xyah mnm la kan selamat

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Hee..jangan salah paham juga, saya menjawab utk orang ramai yg nak tau status chattime ni

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Kan dia dh terang kt situ, ngape sebab xdpt sijil halal
Klw ko rasa was2 jgn pegi la, selamat kan..mana tau kot tetiba mgidam hahaha g la carik

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Walhhualam :-)

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

Mmg manjang ramai je q

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Hafizah Haruno
Tu xkaw hehehe

Nana said... [Reply to comment]

@Teh Tarik Drinker
Tq 4 sharing this info :-)

FARIS NAQIUDDIN said... [Reply to comment]


FARIS NAQIUDDIN said... [Reply to comment]

saya baru lepas call jakim bghian hab halal..diorang ckp chatime xpnh dpt sijil halal jakim..malah sijil yg chatime gunakan sekarang ni sudah tidak boleh diguna pakai lagi oleh HALAL JAKIM MALAYSIA..BERKUATKUASA 1.1.2012..UNTUK PERTANYAAN KNJUT HBNGI JAKIM HAB HALAL DI TALIAN 0383150200..TQ

FARIS NAQIUDDIN said... [Reply to comment]

saya baru lepas call jakim bghian hab halal..diorang ckp chatime xpnh dpt sijil halal jakim..malah sijil yg chatime gunakan sekarang ni sudah tidak boleh diguna pakai lagi oleh HALAL JAKIM MALAYSIA..BERKUATKUASA 1.1.2012..UNTUK PERTANYAAN KNJUT HBNGI JAKIM HAB HALAL DI TALIAN 0383150200..TQ

NURUL HIDAYAH AHMAD said... [Reply to comment]

kt chatime tu diorg bkn bancuh sndiri air tu.. memg smua pkai mesin.. tmasuk straw pn dia bungkus.. All the products are using machine.. diorg xsntuh lgsung product tu.. jd rse cnfident la nk minum..

PIJAN said... [Reply to comment]

pearl tu halal atau tidak????

PIJAN said... [Reply to comment]

adakah pearl tu halal?? *confuse*

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